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Great Weekend Reads for January 4, 2019

“A good book is an event in my life.” 
― Stendhal


Life Without Plastic – The Guardian

Why the News Media Has Gone Back in Time – The Atlantic

Pam Am Flight 103 & Robert Mueller’s Hunt for Justice – Wired

Are Quantum Computers Revealing the True Nature of Reality? – Quanta

The Boldest Risks Filmmakers Took in 2018 – No Film School

Isaac Asimov Predicted What Life Would Be Like in 2019 – Toronto Star

Maybe Society Should Just Model Wikipedia – Current Affairs

We’re in a Wild Era of Art Collection – Art News

Instagram Is Making Me Panic – New York Magazine

I Saw the Worst of America as a Cable Guy – Huffington Post

The Founder of Genetics Is Under Fire – New York Times

Electrons Don’t Think – Back Reaction

The Philosopher Redefining Equality – New Yorker

A Dizzying Dive into Insomnia – LA Review of Books

The Surprising History, and Future, of Finger Prints – Paris Review

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BBC’s In Our Time Explores Venus


Jason Silva investigates what it means to intimately know another human being.

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